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Equidistant to large markets: Barcelona and Tarragona


Exceptional and accessible location connected to the outside


The Baix Penedès is located in the south-west of the pre-coast depression. It opens to the Mediterranean Sea with a coast of beaches. It is a part of the second crown of the Metropolitan area of Barcelona (AMB). It has got a population of 100.000 inhabitants* with a surface of 296.4 km2 and a population density of 337.1 inhabitant / km2. Its capital city is El Vendrell.

El Vendrell is 65 km away from Barcelona, 30 km from Tarragona, 40 km from Reus, 212 km from France (La Jonquera) and 550 km from Madrid. Besides, it is located 37 km from Tarragona´s port.

Road network

You can get there through motorway C-32, which connects the region straight to Barcelona along the coast. The motorways AP-7 and AP-2, which connect it with the main capital cities of the different provinces (Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona and Lleida) by means of the Catalonia inland and the N-340 road , besides other secondary roads.

*Information source: IDESCAT (year 2015)

Easy access to the road network: C32, AP7 and AP2

Easy access to the road network: C32, AP7 and AP2

Railway and bus network

The region has got six train stations connected to Barcelona by lines R2 and R4 commuter trains, and with Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida by lines RT2, R13, R14 and R15. The road network makes easier the access to the high speed stations (AVE) of Barcelona-Sants and Camp de Tarragona that connect quickly to other capital cities like Lleida, Zaragoza and Madrid or with France.

It has got a wide net of local public transport connecting the different towns in the region by bus as well as national public transport which links with the rest of Catalonia.

Air network

The capital city of the region is 32 km away from Reus airport and 45 km from away Barcelona airport. Being almost halfway from the two closest major airports increases the offer of short and middle length flights. It also makes easier the access to international flights.

Maritime network

The Baix Penedès is halfway from two big commercial ports: Barcelona and Tarragona, which are able to operate with any kind of goods. They are basic for the economic development of Catalonia.

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