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Services of the Penedès Logistic Hub

The Baix Penedès has a large number of elements and qualities that position the region as an ideal space for the installation and settlement of new business activities. However, those that really give us more added value are:

  • Availability of floor and ceiling

One of the elements of competitiveness and differentiators of the Baix Penedès is the great availability of available land and industrial roof. More than 787 hectares of land belonging to 36 industrial parks of economic activity, according to data obtained from public information systems and contrasted with municipal teams, and excellently connected to the main roads in the country.

Activities are carried out in the estates, such as: transport and communication, manufacture of automotive components, manufacture of electrical components, etc.


  • Support service

L’Eina: The Baix Penedès has a public service whose objectives are:

  • Promote the competitiveness and growth of the business sector
  • Contribute to job creation li>
  • Encourage public-private collaboration


The main services are:

  • Business information and support service
  • Business hosting service
  • Business consulting service
  • Business training space
  • Staff search support


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